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Start 2019 right with these 5 career tips

Start 2019 right with these 5 career tips

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It’s the start of a new year, and you’re fired up. This is the year you will show your boss what you’re made of, get that promotion and get it right with your career. But before you know it, you’re back to the same day-to-day routine and there goes your gusto. So, how do you keep up momentum? Here are a few affirmations to help build the foundation you need to keep that promise to yourself.


1. Punctuality is key

Now is the time to impress your boss by working on improving your punctuality. However, just turning up on time will not cut it. Get to work early. Being early not only show’s that you are serious about your job, but it means you can start the day relaxed and focused.


2. Be like the wind

In today’s world, technology and society evolve constantly. Companies need employees open to new ideas, flexible enough to work through challenges, and able to cope with last minute deviations. To keep up, you have to be ready to change direction when needed.


3. No task is too small

Repetitive tasks are the bane of any existence. But every job involves tasks that are boring and less than glamorous. After we’ve been in a job for a while, we allow these tasks to pile up. However, they still need doing, so start your year right by clearing them all out.


4. Help is not a four letter word

The word ‘help’ is not a dirty word. Sometimes we don’t like to ask for help because we don’t want to appear incompetent. But then things fall down around us and what we were hoping to avoid becomes a reality. You’re a part of a team, so remember that it’s okay to ask for help.


5. Own the job

Whether it’s your networking skills or ability to close deals, your boss saw something special in you at your interview. The new year is a great time to recommit to applying your skills, reminding your boss, and yourself, why you are there.


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