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How leaders can help their teams thrive in 2019

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A recent survey of employees of their best and worst team experiences produced some predictable results. Employees reported that they found it difficult to thrive in a team that was fragmented, or where there was a lack of team engagement or understanding of group goals. Conversely, team cohesion, a dynamic atmosphere and defined group goals provided for real growth in the workplace. Now that we know what workers want, how can leaders help their teams thrive in 2019?


Team size

The size of a team matters as much as the skills, training and experience of the team members. Teams are more effective in problem solving and decision making when kept to a limit of 10 or less. This might not be something you can control, but maybe you can break your team down into sub-teams.


Good communication

The link between communication and performance is clearer when you focus on quality rather than quantity of communication. Many opportunities exist for quality improvement. For a team to thrive there needs to be face-to-face, open and regular communication between all team members.


Diverse thinking

Great minds don’t think alike. In fact, it’s the opposite. Great minds think in diverse terms, which means everyone’s individual contribution matters. Show your team you value innovative problem solving and you want them to think in different and inventive ways.


Psychological safety

Many employees will play it safe, not admit to mistakes, and hesitate to ask questions out of fear of looking bad. Change this kind of mindset. Create a work environment where everyone feels they have a voice, have value, and can be open and honest


Be a role model

To motivate your team, you need to set yourself as a role model. A good role model admits to their mistakes, demonstrates vulnerability, shares knowledge and asks for feedback. Show you have set the same high standards of accountability for yourself and your behaviours as you have for your team.



Your team’s performance is as much about how the team operates as it is about each team member. Ultimately, it is up to the team leader to make sure the environment they create for their team is one where people feel safe and can thrive.


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