Acceptance and On-Site Checklist


Training Address Location

Pre Delivery

Section 1. Contact Details


Section 2. Training Materials Contact

Who should we send materials to? If same person as section 1, please leave below blank.


Section 3. On the Day Contact

Who should the facilitator report to on the day of training? If same person as section 1, please leave below blank.


Section 4. Account Contact

Please enter the account contact details below. If same person as section 1, please leave below blank.


Section 5. Training Area Requirements

Training to be held in a closed room (i.e.: boardroom as opposed to an open work area).

There is suitable ventilation (air conditioned or windows) for the number of participants and computers.

Access for facilitator to meeting room 45 minutes prior to course.


Section 6. Mandatory Resources Required

White board and markers available?

Flip chart paper and pens available for professional development courses.

Data projector/large display screen for use by facilitator.

Computer for use by facilitator has internet access.

Computer for use by facilitator with sound/speakers for videos, which form part of the course

All resources will be setup and configured prior to course commencement.


Section 7. Catering

Scheduled catering breaks as follows, please advise the facilitator on the day if you wish to change catering times:
9.00am Course commences
11.00am Morning tea
1.00pm Lunch (1 hour break)
3.15pm Afternoon break
4.30pm Course concludes

Will you be providing morning tea, afternoon tea and refreshments for the participants and facilitator?

Will you be providing lunch for the participants and facilitator?


Section 8. Security Details & Car Parking

For security reasons, do you need our facilitator to report to security before and/or after the training?

Is on-site parking available?


Section 9. Workplace Health and Safety

Are loose cables crossing where people walk are either covered with a suitable mat or taped to the floor?

Is there ample room for the facilitator to walk between a seated participant and any furniture and walls?

Will the workplace provide workplace health and safety policies, procedures, site induction and emergency evacuation instructions to our facilitator prior to entering the workplace and commencing work?

Will the Facilitator be provided with (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment if required at the workplace?