Video: Top four ways to build employee engagement
Engaging employees can be challenging, that's why we've created a video to help you build employee engagement and morale. Watch the video on our blog today.

Video: Top four ways to build employee engagement within your team

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Employee engagement seems to be at an all-time low. Here in Australia we are at a slightly higher rate of engagement than the rest of the world at around 24% engaged versus 13% worldwide, but that 24% is not the scary part. When you look at the percentage of disengaged – 60% and the activity disengaged at 16%. If you were to plot that out on a ratio scale it comes out as this: for every 1.5 engaged employees in your organisation there is 1 who is actively disengaged.*


Let me give you the definitions of those terms:

  • Engaged staff are the ones whose hearts, souls and mind are invested in your business. They are doing everything they can to move your business forward to success.
  • Disengaged staff are those just clocking in and out every day and doing the bare minimum to get by.
  • Actively disengaged staff are trying to sabotage you, your business and even their fellow team members. Why? We don’t know. They’re just very unhappy.

While it is hard to re-engage the actively disengaged staff, we can do some serious work with disengaged to try and get them engaged because the payoff is worth it.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money doing the things to engage your team but you do have to keep doing those things each and every day – engagement activities are not a one off!


1. Communicate with your people 

Do you talk with your team on a regular basis or do you just come into the workplace and hide away in your pod or office sending emails all day? How effective and consistent is the communication in general in your workplace? Is the communication one way only i.e. from you to them, or is it two way i.e. from them to you and you to them. The quality of your communication with your people matters. They need it and so do you.


2. Career development 

Do your people get to improve their existing skills and develop new one? Is there career advancement in your team or organisation? Do they know about internal job offerings and promotions or do they think they think they are in a dead end job. Talk to them about where their career can go and then tell them, show them and coach them on how to get there.


3. Reward and recognition

Do you reward and recognise your people regularly or do you keep them in the dark like mushrooms about their performance? Most employees want to feel like they are appreciated for the job that they do beyond the fortnightly paycheck and that their ideas and suggestions are listened to. It doesn’t matter if they are not always acted upon, it matters that you listened and appreciated. Try saying thank you and good job on a regular basis and see if your team start to feel more appreciated and then more engaged.


4. Build trust and confidence in your team

Does your team trust you and your organisation? Do they have confidence in the organisations long term future and their role in it? Do they believe that you will do what you say you are going to do? Managers that talk the talk and walk the walk build trust and therefore engagement with their employees. Be honest, be ethical, be transparent and for goodness sakes, admit when you have made a mistake – don’t cover it up, hide it or pretend it didn’t happen – nobody is perfect. While your employee expect a higher level of behaviour and skills from their manager, they don’t expect you to be perfect.


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