Emerging Leaders Program

Take control of your career destiny, kick start your personal capability development and embrace the concepts of self-guidance and continuous improvement with our Emerging Leaders Program. Ideal for new managers or future managers.

4 day program

Take a step towards the future you want to achieve with our 4 Day Manager’s Development Program

Recommended for:

This leadership development program is recommended for those who are not yet managers, or for new managers commencing their leadership journey.

What is the program?

The program consists of development, communication and time management courses. It aims to equip future leaders with the core skills required for growth and success.

Is this the right program?

Talk to our team to understand if this is the right program.

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Our Emerging Leaders Program includes the following courses:

Emerging Leaders
Fine tune your executive leadership qualities, and uncover your true potential as an emerging leader. Learn more about yourself as a person and a leader will allow you to improve your leadership approach and achieve positive results both personally and for your entire team.
2 day course
Difficult Conversations in the Workplace
As a manager, it inevitable that you will need to have conversations you would rather not. More often than not it is the tough conversations around poor performance or inappropriate behaviours we find the toughest.
1 day course
Time Management for Managers
This course will help you take back control of your time and lead your team by example, by identifying what is stealing your time and how to focus on your priorities and on what really matters.
1 day course

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Popular questions about this program

No, you can choose how and when you wish to do your courses. However, we do suggest not having a huge delay in between, to ensure information stays fresh and relevant for you to apply in the workplace.

Absolutely not! Speak with us about your desired outcomes, and we will tailor the program to suit you, or your team.