5 meaningful ways to thank employees in the holiday season
As the holiday season approaches, many people give gifts. We have 5 other ideas that are more meaningful gifts for your employees. Read it now.

5 meaningful ways to thank employees in the holiday season

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There are many ways to thank employees in the holiday season, but most are plain and generic. Show your appreciation with a gift that is more meaningful instead.

1. Unexpected Perks

Unexpected perks in the final weeks of the year don’t have to mean a Christmas bonus. Providing a bonus is still a great idea, but there are other unexpected perks to consider. These perks can be a day off, shortened work days, casual dress, or working from home. Maybe even invest in that bonus or an impromptu office party to see the year out.


2. Handwritten Notes

It might seem old-fashioned, but a handwritten card is still far more appreciated than a generic printed one. To take the time and write a handwritten note shows your employees you value them. But it’s not just the handwritten note we’re talking about here. Also mention one of their biggest accomplishments during the year and express your gratitude for their hard work.


3. Business-Funded Family Days

While we do mean an extra day off, it’s more than just that. Family days are an opportunity for hardworking employees to spend a relaxing time with their families. The extra touch comes from paying for things like Theme Park admission fees, meals, and travel. Not only is this meaningful for the employee, but they’ll return to work refreshed and ready to be productive.


4. Practical, Personal Gifts

Practical, personal gifts not only show you appreciate your staff, but it also shows you care about them. Take the time and really think about what your employees might want. For example, a fitness buff might appreciate a fitness tracker. Someone with a chocolate addiction would go nuts for a basket filled with their favourites. Or a gift for a pet would be the perfect pick for an animal lover.


5. Dinner or Lunch with the Team

Taking your team out for dinner or lunch works really well if you have a small team. It is an opportunity for you and your team to bond and talk about holiday plans. You don’t have to go out either, you could cater in your home or even make the food yourself. Whether you pick a restaurant or host at home, it’s a chance for everyone to unwind from the busy year.


You or your company may not have a big budget for gift giving. However, that doesn’t mean you have to skip showing your appreciation or go with the quick and easy options. These, and other meaningful gift ideas, are a great way to help you thank employees for their hard work over the year.


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