How to Keep Your Team Engaged Heading into the Holiday Season
The holiday season can be a tough time to keep your employees engaged at work. Read our top tips to help you keep your team engaged throughout the holiday.

How to Keep Your Team Engaged Heading into the Holiday Season

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Again and again, employers find that the start of the holiday season is a time when employees begin to relax and unwind. Often, they’re preoccupied with gift shopping, family gatherings, and parties. This distraction can spill over into the workplace, leaving you with procrastinating employees and uncompleted tasks. So, how can you keep your team engaged—while still letting them enjoy the holiday season?


Be Proactive And Plan Ahead

Instead of waiting passively for the festive season to interrupt the workflow, plan ahead. Ask employees early when they plan to take their holidays or set up a shared calendar for employees to add events to. By maintaining a proactive approach, you can schedule work appropriately.


Lead By Example

The toughest part of keeping your team engaged is keeping yourself engaged. Therefore, make certain you incorporate tricks to keep yourself committed and focused as the year closes out. By balancing your own work, festivities and holidays, you’ll end up leading by example.


Provide Alternative Work Schedules

A positive measure to enhance employee engagement, support work productivity and reduce year-end stress is to implement alternative work schedule options. These options can include flextime, compressed workweeks and occasional telecommuting during the holiday season. With defined guidelines, employees have the freedom to balance both work and personal obligations.


Be Accommodating When Personal Obligations Come Up

Instead of fighting the personal commitments of your employees, use the opportunity to show your generous side. Ask them to prioritise the tasks that must be completed, but also allow an extra long lunch here and there for social events or present shopping. It’s a small gesture, but it’ll go a long way to keeping employees engaged at work.


Help Them Start A Plan For The New Year

Since the new year is paramount in your employee’s minds, why not use that to your advantage? Sit down each of your employees and establish their goal-setting for the approaching year. This encourages them to stay mindful of where they are with their current targets and motivates them to get a head-start on the new year.


Plan Fun Activities In The Office

Get your team excited and inspired with fun office activities! Maybe you could organise a holiday pot-luck or host a contest based on productivity and goals to finish the year strong. Use this time as an opportunity for your personnel to exploit their creativity and improve their unity.


Encourage Them To Embrace The ‘Season Of Giving’

Since the festive season is about giving why not provide the opportunity for your team to get out of the office and volunteer in the community? There are plenty of charities seeking help, particularly as the festive season approaches. Not only will employee volunteering look great for your brand, but it will also help build cohesion in your team.


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