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COURSES Our training and support model is designed to help you embed the skills, knowledge and behaviours you learn back into your real, everyday work life.

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  • Anyone can make a change, but how do you get people to make a transition? Overcome resistance and successfully manage change by defining and instilling new values, attitudes, norms and behaviours.
  • Effective communication is what sets great leaders apart. As a manager, you need to adapt your style to get the most out of different people while assertively providing direction through effective feedback.
  • Critical thinking involves looking at situations, events and circumstances in a deliberate and reflective way. It involves evaluating a range of perspectives free from bias.
  • Leaders with advanced emotional intelligence have a head start in their lives and careers. They inspire passion and enthusiasm, take action to solve problems, and cope better with change and stress.
  • Actively engaged staff members have an emotional commitment to their work and take greater responsibility for it, which positively benefits their job satisfaction, co-workers, and employer.
  • One of the most desirable yet elusive aspirations in many organisations is to providing exceptional customer service, and leading a team to achieve this requires a specific set of skills.
  • Today's workplace presents many challenges for leaders and managers, who are required to navigate their teams through ongoing change and ever-increasing workloads and demands from both internal and external clients.

Leadership Courses

We provide short management courses for emerging, front-line managers and senior leaders to achieve long-term behavioural change.


We partner with clients from a variety of industries, including corporate and government. In our leadership training courses, you will receive practical, high quality leadership training, which can help to enhance your critical thinking skills, coaching strategies, task management and emotional intelligence.


At the end of our leadership training courses, you will feel inspired towards constructive change. Our management training includes self directed action planning and embedded learning support.


We optimise all courses to a high standard and provide valuable leadership skills for managers, executives and those new to leadership roles. We have experience working with multiple sectors and providing tailored leadership programs to meet specific business needs.


Our focus is on leadership and success. We offer a diverse offering of courses, we offer relevant tactics and strategies for a variety of businesses. Our courses are relevant, informative and achieve positive results. With each enrolment, we offer our participants practical training days (or training at your venue), depending on the course; behaviour profiling and reporting, own personal action plan to embed the learning; as well as access to high calibre specialist trainers.


Whether you are dealing with customers or are managing a team, we can offer you tailored training to suit your specific needs. Our Leading Customer Service course will improve any operation that deals directly with customers. Satisfy your clients today with our results-driven courses.


We also offer valuable insight into managing workers and staff, such as through our successful management training Supervision and People Management course. We prepare business leaders with the crucial tools they need to manage teams, performance manage and offer practical tips to prosper when faced with difficult situations. At Leadership Directions, we believe in high-quality work. That’s why we have developed a course for Team Building With Emotional Intelligence. This course focuses on human communication and team building, two things we value.


Prepare your business for the challenges in the modern world with our courses. We pride ourselves on our mastery, and we are excited to bring that expertise to you.


Interested in taking your business to the next level? Enquire today about our many course offerings. We create them with an understanding of the contemporary challenges a business faces. We understand that you’ve worked hard as a leader. Yet often, businesses need special expertise to reach the goals they want to accomplish.


That’s where we come in.


We offer valuable direction to give anyone who is in a management role a competitive advantage. Our innovative courses are ideal for ambitious businesses. We understand the commitment it takes to run a successful company and with our guidance, you can achieve the business results you want.


At Leadership Directions, we are here to help you and your business succeed. The next move is yours. Are you ready to excel in management?

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