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Change Management

1 Day Course
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  • Team leaders, managers and supervisors who need to transition their team through change.
  • For Team Members, we recommend the one day Coping with Change course available through Odyssey Training.
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    Facilitator was knowledgeable and engaging

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    Great session!

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Anyone can make a change, but how do you get people to make a transition? Overcome resistance and successfully manage change by defining and instilling new values, attitudes, norms and behaviours.
This course will give you the right techniques, tools and structure to defeat resistance so that the goals of the organisational are achieved, by a systematic and co-ordinated process of change management.


  • Understanding of change management and the reasons why it’s important.
  • Identification of specific areas of conflict and resistance.
  • Ability to use learnt techniques and methods to overcome negativity.
  • Distinguish between the different stages and phases of transition so you can help your team members and others move forward.
  • Development of your own change management process action plan that you can immediately apply to your own workplace.

Topics Covered

Managing transition methods
Learn techniques that will assist others going through the different phases of change.

Responding to change phases
Exploration of the Kotter’s Change Model that will help people move forward.

Resistance problem solving
Use of case studies to identify issues, causes and how to effectively resolve resistance issues.

Steps to successful change management
Application of the Change Model to ensure the process of change is successful.

Contributors of change
Discover the internal and external forces contributing of change within organisations.

Stages of change
Learn about the seven different levels of change. Understand why each stage is increasingly more challenging to undertake.

Change resistance
Identification of common reasons for change resistance. Learn techniques and methods to reduce resistance to change.

Three transition phases
Understand transition phases and the effect change has on a person’s state of mind.

People that dislike change
Discover why people that dislike change are helpful in making change easier.

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