Leadership Skills for Managers

This short course for Managers is great for perfecting the art of engaging, motivating and inspiring staff. Perfect for new and well seasoned leaders.

2 day course
4.68  (38 reviews)
What you will learn:
  • Describe the four key elements of emotional intelligence.
  • Examine the impact emotional intelligence has on individuals, teams and organisations.
  • Develop and utilise the six essential skills of strategic leadership.
  • Compose a dynamic vision statement for your team.
  • Create a communication plan to maximise the impact of your vision statement.
  • Manage and lead your team through change.
  • Identify the intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors that drive engagement for individual team members.
  • Use goal setting techniques to enhance team engagement.
  • Compare your own perspective of your leadership skills with the perspectives of others.
What you'll get:
Includes 360˚ feedback assessment questionnaire and in‑class debrief
Embedded Learning Guide
Personal Development Plan
Student Series Emails
Lunch and refreshments
Hard copy workbook
Capped class sizes

This course will allow you to understand the four main elements that must be present within your leadership to have an engaged team, all whilst learning how to overcome change and resistance. Many of your core leadership skills will be strengthened, and you will learn how to think strategically as a leader.

MySkillsProfile 360˚ Questionnaire

The 360˚ feedback assessment questionnaire used in this course will help you: Compare your perception of your strengths with what others think, Increase awareness of how your leadership style and skills impact your performance & identify areas you can work on to improve your performance and realise your potential. Learn more and download a sample report.

Who should attend

Managers who already have some experience managing people and are wanting to further develop their core leadership competencies, with a focus on motivating and engaging others to work towards team and organisational goals.

It is recommended you are familiar with the topics covered in the Supervision and Management of People course prior to attending.



Topics covered in this training course:

Understand your purpose, identify your leadership challenges and ask yourself ‘Why should anyone follow me?’.

Identify the difference between leadership and management and when you should apply the skills of each.

Increase self-awareness of your leadership style and skills in comparison to others’ perceptions.

Understand how a leader’s mood impacts results and monitor emotions as a way of guiding your actions and decisions.

Learn how great leaders use different leadership styles to get the best results from their team in different situations.

Understand the benefits of an engaged workforce and what you can do on a daily basis to build engagement.

Identify motivational principles and preferences and apply intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to improve results, productivity and nurture innovation.

Goal setting is essential to motivation. Learn the steps of goal setting and how to involve your team to maximise your chance of success.

Learn about the six essential elements of strategic leadership every manager must have and things you can do to impact organisational culture and inspire people towards the vision.

Many organisations today face a dynamic and changing environment. Identify types of resistance and ways to overcome them.

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Need your training approved? Get a quote
from 38 reviews
“Class size was great.”
Kevin, Jul 2020
“Rachael was fantastic. ”
Mitchell, Jul 2020
“Leah was great.”
Amy, Jul 2020
“Good course for all levels of leadership.”
Sue, Jul 2020