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Maintaining Wellbeing

1 Day Course
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Team leaders, supervisors and managers wanting to build resilient teams with healthy habits and relationships while continuing to develop their own resilience and stress management techniques. For team members, we recommend the one day Resilience and Stress Management course available at Odyssey Training.

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Today’s workplace presents many challenges for leaders and managers, who are required to navigate their teams through ongoing change and ever-increasing workloads. Constant demands from both internal and external clients can take their toll on mental health, and it’s important to have programs set in place so every workplace can thrive without detriment to its employees.
This course equips leaders to proactively build their own resilience while helping employees adapt and maintain their health and wellbeing in the face of adversity in the workplace. These actions work not only to reduce tension and stress, but also to empower and motivate people to perform at their best. Employees with a healthy mentality are far more likely to find fulfilment and success in their careers.In-house training is often directed toward driving results and increasing revenue. At Leadership Direction, we recognise the importance of mental health in the workplace and believe it is the backbone in a strong and successful company.This program will broaden your knowledge as a leader, and give you the confidence to assist your team like never before.


  • Define and identify what stress and resilience are for you.
  • Understand how your moods impact your team and how others perceive your leadership skills.
  • Use control mechanisms to increase personal effectiveness and build resilience within your team.
  • Work with your team to build a resilience plan that uses stress as a motivational tool.

This training course focuses on a number of aspects of mental health in the workplace and aims to formulate strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve long-term results.

Topics Covered

Sources of stress Recognise internal and external stress triggers and learn how some kinds of stress can be used as a positive motivational tool. Managing stress and change Develop awareness of your personal stress responses and learn strategies to support your team and overcome resistance. Effective ways to build team resilience Practical strategies to prevent disengagement and build team resilience that supports employee wellbeing. Develop your Team Wellbeing Plan Identify how you can use your team’s strengths to help them build resilience, develop healthy habits and relationships, and maintain wellbeing back at work.

What are stress and resilience? Understand the definitions and reflect on the way you think about stress. Managing emotions Understand how a leader’s mood impacts results and monitor emotions as a way of guiding your actions and decisions. The circle of concern and influence Learn how to separate the things you tend to be concerned about but have no direct control over. Life outlook and coping with events You may not have control of an event in the workplace, but you have control of yourself, and understanding this is key to maintaining health and wellbeing. The impact of emotions at work Understand the impacts of positive and negative emotions on the service climate and revenue.


Self Development Learn how to develop in your leadership role and understand the impact of your actions, both positive and negative, on your employees. Personal Learning Tap into your personal strengths and weaknesses, and learn more about yourself. Getting in touch with your mental health will assist with enhancing the team environment at your workplace. Problem Solving Discover the best approach for problem-solving and learn to formulate positive solutions that promote mental health. Motivating Others Find the most effective ways to show support and encourage your team members to maintain a positive atmosphere at work. If it’s time to invest in the future of your business and the mental health of your employees, enrol in a workplace training program and take the next step to become an outstanding leader. Contact our team today to find out more!

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