Supervision and People Management

As a supervisor. team leader or manager, it can be difficult to perfect the art of achieving outcomes through other people, in a way that engages and motivates as well. Supervision requires balancing different views and adapting your management style to suit the situation.

2 day course
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What you will learn:
  • Understand the requirements of your role as a supervisor or manager.
  • Apply the core skills of effective communication.
  • Identify your preferred communication and management style using the DISC Profile®.
  • Adapt your communication and management style to suit individual situations.
  • Explain the coaching and counselling process.
  • Provide an effective combination of positive and constructive feedback.
  • Delegate tasks effectively for the benefit of both individuals and the organisation.
What you'll get:
Embedded Learning Guide
Personal Development Plan
Student Series Emails
Lunch and refreshments
Hard copy workbook
Capped class sizes

This course will help you get the balance right and gain the respect of your team members through understanding yours and others preferred styles of communication, understanding performance management and how to give effective feedback, being comfortable and effective with task delegation. You will also create your own development plan with our Personal Development Plan Tracker that will help you implement the new skills and knowledge once you are back in your workplace.


The DISC® Profile provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their communication skills and behaviours with others. It is a personal assessment tool used to improve communication, leadership, work productivity and team dynamics. Read more and download a sample report.


Who should attend:

This course is recommended for supervisors and first level or first time managers who require practical tools and techniques to gain the cooperation and support of staff.

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Topics covered in this training course:

Supervision is the art of achieving outcomes through other people. Getting the balance right is the most important skill.

The communication process and how to prevent barriers to communication.

Successful people know the right questions to ask and, as a result, they get better answers.

Learn to direct behaviour and motivate performance by giving positive and constructive feedback.

Adopt the most appropriate leadership style depending on the situation with individual team members.

When to train, coach, delegate and counsel.

As a manager, you are responsible for managing the performance of team members, including both good and poor performers.

Close the performance gap by understanding elements that impact performance and planning a counselling feedback session.

Advantages of delegation and how to do it successfully using the five steps.

Put the skills and behaviours you want to implement back in your workplace into action.

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Need your training approved? Get a quote
from 415 reviews
“Facilitator was excellent - made it engaging. Good course, good value.”
Oliver, Jul 2020
“Best training, very interactive and involved. ”
Beena, Jul 2020
“Roberta was a great trainer! very knowledgeable and engaging. ”
Steph, Jul 2020
“I loved this course and thought our trainer was brilliant. I really enjoyed learning from Adam and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced.”
Joudita, Jul 2020