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Team Building with Emotional Intelligence

1 Day Course
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This workshop is recommended as in-house session for teams wanting to:

  • Overcoming communication barriers and personal differences.
  • Helping teams in trouble and leaders of teams with conflict rising.
  • Developing awareness about the consequences of damaging behaviours in the workplace.
  • Tailored approach to team building that guarantees accountability and return on expectations.
  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    A good course!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Very beneficial and will create open discussion for our team.

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It’s not enough to recruit a team of people who are technically skilled. To succeed, individuals must understand and value the importance of team dynamics.
In this workshop, an experienced facilitator will guide your team through activities to highlight how the elements of emotional intelligence cultivate cooperation and trust, allowing people to work together in a cohesive and structured manner. This will help teams in trouble or facing challenges to work towards better team synergy, improving individual and team performance.


  • Identify the principles and benefits of developing your emotional intelligence.
  • Improve your team outcomes by playing your part to promote team synergy.
  • Differentiate between behaviours that promote and undermine your team’s cohesiveness.
  • Understand your locus of control and how it affects your team.
  • Understand the importance of self-leadership and how it relates to your career.
  • Deliver effective feedback in a team situation and effectively deal with a range of feedback types you will receive.

Topics Covered

Personal and team feedback skills
Explore the purpose of giving and receiving constructive, open feedback in a team environment and how it can benefit all parties when delivered using appropriate guidelines and strategies.

Using feedback as a ‘give’ or a ‘get’
You cannot control what others will say to you. However, you can learn how to tell the difference in the type of feedback you are giving and the best ways to respond to both types of feedback in the workplace.

Are you asking for, blocking or accepting feedback?
Learn how to ask for feedback, respond assertively rather than blocking or rejecting feedback, and how to accept praise without deflecting it.

Handling different types of feedback
It is important to learn how to respond and get the most out of feedback even when it is unjustified or vague. However, we also need strategies to accept and respond to the most difficult type of feedback to hear – valid feedback.

Working with your team
Understand why effective teamwork and communication are essential to productivity and success, both as a group and individually.

Team communication
Communicating effectively within a team can be challenging, especially when everyone has a different style. Learn how to overcome differences and communicate to be understood.

Teams and emotional intelligence
There is more to success than the traditional notion of intelligence. Learn how the different elements of emotional intelligence and associated competencies can assist with cultivating an atmosphere of cooperation and trust.

By learning about self-leadership, individuals can become motivated to take ownership and responsibility for their role within the team.

Locus of control
You can attribute success and failure either to things you have control over, or forces outside your control. Your choice of orientation, or “locus of control”, will influence your success.

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