Our Workshops
What's Included

To inspire transformation that sticks, team building initiatives must involve more than just a training day. Reinvigorate your team with a holistic approach that facilitates genuine behavioural change, enhances communication and fosters emotionally intelligent team dynamics.

Team Building With DISC

  • Take your team to the next level.
  • Build group trust and rapport.
  • Optimise performance and productivity.

Team Building with EI

  • Improve team feedback skills.
  • Help teams through trouble and conflict.
  • Discourage damaging workplace behaviours.

Identifying and tailoring to your learning goals

Prior to the workshops, our Learning and Development Consultant will discuss the changes in behaviours, knowledge, skills and understanding that you want to see in your team or various teams in your organisation. Our priority is to ensure the objectives and content of the workshop align with your learning goals so that it delivers the outcomes you are looking for.

Interactive instructor-led workshop

Our expert facilitators will encourage your people to open up and get involved while keeping them on track. We have a highly skilled team across Australia and are passionate about selecting the facilitator that is the best fit for your people. By sharing their relevant personal and professional experience and drawing upon your team’s experience, our trainers will build rapport to influence and facilitate positive behavioural change.

Team values and behaviours framework

At the conclusion of the team building workshop, the facilitator will guide team members through developing a framework that reflects what they consider important as a team. This includes:

  • Values they identify with as a team.
  • Behaviours that demonstrate the team values.
  • Taboos that have the potential to undermine the values.
  • A hard copy of the framework will be provided to the team’s leader or manager.

Program evaluation and return on expectations

We include tools and recommendations as well as checks and balances to help you achieve sustained benefits from the program. For transparency, we work with you and your team to evaluate the program at various stages using Kirkpatrick’s comprehensive industry standard training evaluation model. Our accountability for the success of your program culminates in your debriefing meeting with our Learning and Development Consultant when we present your team’s values framework and course feedback.