Five keys to a successful team culture
Establish a positive team culture & watch your employees excel! Uncover the five keys to success & make a positive change to your current workplace environment.

Five keys to a successful team culture


We’ve all been part of different teams during our working lives, and I’m sure we’ve all at some stage experienced those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed and go into work. Take a moment to think about whether this has been due to the culture of your team or the office environment. If this sounds familiar, maybe the team was lacking in some of these areas. Let’s explore what we see as five keys to building a positive team culture:

1. Team communication

Having effective communication between your team is integral to business success. Focus on areas of active listening to fully engage with your team as well as building on your questioning skills. Engage people with open ended questions and develop empathetic listening techniques when providing feedback. Teams must communicate and form strong relationships to function effectively and be able to handle not only their own personal frustrations but also a whole range of emotions and a diverse range of day-to-day issues.


2. Trust

Each member of the team from the top down must establish a level of trust, and this can be done through many different channels – the strongest one being that you’re following through on your actions, commitments and promises. Your words and what you promise to others and your working standards all form an important part in establishing your level of trust.


3. Motivation

Reward and recognition are a huge component of teams’ and individuals’ successes. The secret to motivating your team can be as simple as recognising their accomplishments and dedication with a ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ praise. It’s a fact that rewarded employees stick around for longer, which is good for the team and the organisation.


4. Vision

A strong sense of vision is important to teams for many reasons. A vision, like goals, provides us with a sense of being, a direction to head in, and a guiding reason. A strong vision can help teams move forward in times of change or when being challenged. Any high performing team will have a clear focus and a strong vision and be working from the same page, cohesively, together.


5. Feedback

A helpful communication tool for many reasons. Positive and constructive feedback assists both the giver and receiver and is an essential component of effective teamwork. Feedback is a mechanism for ongoing improvement, self-development and analysis, to name a few. Successful organisations employ many varying feedback tools including pulse surveys, 360-degree feedback (such as the MySkillsProfile TSQ in our Leadership Skills for Managers course) and one-on-one performance appraisals.


Follow these five keys to a positive team culture for a more cohesive high performing team.


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